Top ways to prepare for a Hurricane

Here’s our top ways to prepare for a Hurricane.

The Wind Blew by Pat Hutchins

If you live in the eastern part of the USA/Canada you’re probably wondering just how bad ” Sandy” is going to hit. Living in a coastal town really adds to our worry but we are gearing up, gathering supplies and preparing for what’s been called the “storm of the century” but more commonly referred to as¬†Frankenstorm!

In addition to stocking up on batteries, flashlights (crank ones are a favorite here!), and non perishables, Here’s our top ways that we prepare for a Hurricane.

  1. Secure all outside furniture, decor, flower pots and play toys. We choose to bring everything that we can inside, place it in the shed and tie down anything that will potentially become  airborne in 80 MPH winds
  2. Fill up the car’s gas tank and we filled our gas can as well
  3. Refill all propane tanks as a BBQ can be quite useful to boil water, cook dinner or grill veggies when the power’s out
  4. Fill the bathtub with water for emergency flushes, or to boil for cleaning
  5. Prior to the storm, Cook out of the fridge & freezer as much as possible in case you lose power, you will lose fewer perishable items.
  6. Make blocks of ice and keep them frozen, we also fill 3 coolers with ice to try and save as much food as we can if and when we lose power
  7. Pack an emergency bag for all members of your household including pets-remember meds, extra layers of clothes, rain gear and important phone #’s
  8. Round up buckets, old towels, fans, “shop vacs” and tools you may need to collect/dry excess water
  9. Locate car phone chargers to charger your items in your vehicle is you lose power
  10. Place camping gear in the safest spot in your house and set up camp. Having an area set up makes this time less scary and more like an adventure! (for some the safest spot is the basement unless it is expected to flood, for others a center hall stairwell works best)
  11. Solar lamps used as outdoor lighting make great indoor lamps during a power outage!
  12. Gather games, books, toys and crafts and get ready for some quality family time

** on a side safety note-please leave the temptation of burning lots of candles aside-open flames are dangerous fire hazards as well as emit carbon monoxide (especially dangerous in unventilated, small areas-try frameless candle options (but these may contain harmful chemicals) or stick with flashlights

Have a safety tip to share? We ‘d love to hear from you!

Be Safe!

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  1. great tips! here in nj we were told to remove the propone tanks from our grills, i’m not sure if it was a flammable issue or an airbound issue, but it seemed too bad since i agree it would be a great place to cook.

    stay safe.

  2. These are all great tips .. There are so many things you don’t even think about so it’s nice to have this as a guide!

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