PUR Gum: Kick the Aspartame Habit

I stopped chewing gum a long time ago because it contained aspartame. I like to chew gum on occasion and love the convenience of a quick breath “pick me up” while I am out and about. I have been looking for a gum made without it that was also GMO free and free of other chemicals. I recently tried the several refreshing flavors from PÜR GUM and not only did I enjoy the pleasant flavors, but I appreciated that I wasn’t filling my body with harmful chemicals.

A little about PÜR Gum…

PÜR GUM is completely aspartame-free. Sweetened instead with the natural goodness of Xylitol, PÜR GUM gets its great taste from Mother Nature herself! A substance produced by corn, Xylitol has been found to aide in digestion, and even prevent tooth decay. Not only that, it is completely safe for pregnant moms and children of any age. PÜR GUM has no chemicals, no aftertaste and no aspartame.
What is Aspartame? Aspartame is a man-made, synthetic sweetener found in most sugar-free gums, beverages, and candies. This food additive has been linked to symptoms including (but not limited to) headaches, dizziness, mood change, vomiting/nausea, and change in heart rate.

What is Xylitol? Xylitol is an all-natural sweetener found in many fruits and vegetables looks and tastes like sugar. It’s good for your teeth, stabilizes insulin and hormone levels, promotes good health and has none of the negative side effects of white sugar or artificial sweeteners. Xylitol looks like sugar, tastes like sugar, and has the same sweetness as sugar, making it the ideal natural sugar replacement. Each PÜR GUM contains 1 gram of Xylitol and only 2.4 calories per gram, and is slowly absorbed as a complex carbohydrate. And, Xylitol is a dentist’s dream; it reverses all of the destructive effects of sugar on oral health by inhibiting growth of the bad bacteria associated with declining oral health. This dental superhero helps to restore proper alkaline/acid balance in the mouth, inhibits plaque formation and prevents tooth decay by 80 percent. Made in Switzerland, PÜR Gum offers consumers the highest quality ingredients available.

PÜR Gum is:

  • vegan
  • gluten-free
  • non-gmo
  • nut-free
  • diabetic friendly
  • dairy free 

Visit  (www.pur-gum.com) for more information. CLICK HERE to purchase PUR gum on Amazon.
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I was not compensated for this post. Samples were received.

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  1. Jennie says:

    Love this post. I had never even heard about this gum! I will try it for sure!

  2. We love PUR gum. I can’t find it in stores around here, but we order it off amazon. In fact, I need to order more right now! :)

  3. joanna garcia says:

    OMG this is totally what i am looking for too! gmo free, ASPARTAME free, i try to tell everyone about it thats why i stopped chewing gum! already found the closest store to me! will be getting this!

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