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15 April 2014

We love to listen to music in the car, at home and even on the go.   Our older two children have grown out of their “baby” CDs yet still love to sing along and be silly to good tunes and catchy lyrics.  (I feel like an old lady, but listening to “pop” music with the kids in the car can lead to conversations I am not ready to have with the under 20 crowd!) The Little Rockers Band latest CD, “Count Me In!” is due out April 15, and the kids and I just love it. The songs are fun, offer a variety of sounds and beats and are easier on the ears than other CDs geared towards kids. My 4-year-old prefers the CD over our nearly 6-year-old and I think it is a perfect CD for the toddler to preschool crowd (although the songs are catchy and I enjoy them too!) “Count Me In” offers an eclectic range of songs that get better and better with each listen! “Count Me In!” is not your typical “kids’ music CD, it’s a creative set of songs, with cool beats and memorable lyrics touching upon subjects that interest your little ones!

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Photo Credit: Photography by Rebecca

With a Parents’ Choice® Award for their 2012 album Playing in the Band proudly in hand, New Jersey’s The Little Rockers Band takes the next step in their rise to national prominence with the band’s third kids’/family CD, Count Me In!

Photo Credit: Photography by Rebecca

It’s a rocking dance party all the way on this album. Count Me In! stays the course, with The Little Rockers Band remaining true to their commitment to creating music that speaks to children’s real life experiences through songs as varied in style as their subjects. On Count Me In! families will hear a ’90s rocker, a ’50s style rave up, a honky-tonk country tune, a Motown scorcher, a beachy/acoustic cover of a Paul Simon classic, and more.

About the The Little Rockers band:

Co-founders Chris & Jessie Apple bring a little bit of Broadway (Jessie) and a little bit of rock & roll (Chris) to The Little Rockers Band. Both worked extensively as performers by night and pre-school music teachers by day before teaming up to create music for kids and their parents as full-time teaching artists and family musicians.

The husband-and-wife team of Chris & Jessie Apple started Little Rockers, cool kids music classes™ in 2009, beginning with about 30 families. More than 500 families now take their classes (35+ classes a week in 13 locations, and counting), and they employ 16 additional Teaching Artists. Chris & Jessie teach together during the day, deal with administrative matters in the afternoon, and write at night.

The Little Rockers Band, which also began in 2009, was originally conceived as a laboratory ensemble that would design music and curriculum for Little Rockers music classes. The band has since grown to become the focal point of a number of creative/educational projects, including live shows, webisodes, and school assembly programs.


Count Me In! will be available at,, and iTunes.

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I was not compensated for this post. We did receive a complimentary CD to review.


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  1. I’ve never heard of this band before. I’ll have to check it out and see if it’s something my grandsons would enjoy listening to!

  2. Sandra VanHoey says:

    I’ll bet my grandson would enjoy listening to this. He loves music but usually gets to hear what his momma is playing. He is 6 and having his own music like this to listen to would be great

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