Reusable #produce bags, #Giveaway

I’m always looking for a way to make green living more mainstream and to offer more options to make it easier and more accessible to my readers. I was recently sent a set of these reusable produce bags and I love them! But these reusable produce bags are a little different than any other bag you may purchase. They are made by hand, and all the proceeds from the sales go to helping creator, Erica, reach her goal of raising enough money to be able to afford to adopt a child. I know! How heart-warming and incredibly inspiring is that?!

Not only are these Reusable Produce Bags sturdy but the set has a bag big enough to hold a large head of lettuce or almost a dozen apples.

The sizes range from 8″x12″ to 13″x 17″ and each has a drawstring closure that allows for a secure, easy close!  I love that I can wash them in two seconds and they dry almost immediately. Entirely hand-knit, this quality bag is not only affordable, it enables you to take a big step to help you avoid wasteful plastic bags.

I love bags but the back story is even better, isn’t it?  Talented owner and creator, Erica hopes to make and sell enough reusable produce bags to support  her and her husband’s adoption fund. Click here for her contact info. You can view their adoption profile here. If that doesn’t make you want to buy your set of reusable produce bags from her, then I don’t know what would! Each set sells for a mere $12 plus shipping. Click Here for the ordering details.

But not one but two lucky readers will have the chance to #win a set of these Handmade Reusable Produce Bags.
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