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We are expecting our third baby in early December and as with the B’s, we make a concerted effort to live a healthy, greener and safer lifestyle so that we can reduce our children’s exposure to harmful chemicals.

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Wee Generation-bath products from Seventh Generation-2 #giveaways!

Wee Generation is a new line of Baby Bath care products from Seventh Generation. As a member of Healthy Child, Healthy World, I was happy to see Wee Generation is also supported by the trusted parenting network, HCHW.  This new line includes baby shampoo and wash (foaming and regular), sunscreen, lotion, diaper cream and bubble bath.

Dino hair with Wee Generation

Wee Generation products not only have a refreshing citrus smell and are made from plant-based ingredients, but parents can use Wee Generation with confidence knowing that they Do NOT include:

  • parabens
  •  phthalates
  •  synthetic fragrances
  • and are Gluten Free

I think one of the best ways to start taking steps toward a healthier, “greener” lifestyle is to start with personal care items. Using traditional baby care items can expose your child to many potentially harmful chemicals that can have immediate and future consequences. Wee Generation is a line of baby care products that are free of those nasty chemicals, are affordable and are sold in every major retailer. I am happy to know that Wee Generation can be found in many accessible retailers so that every parent can use  safer, healthier baby care items.

The kids loved the foaming bath wash and shampoo. I never buy foam products as I think I’m paying for mostly water, but I must admit, the foam wash is all about the independence. They love to pump it out and move on to cleaning! I love that the wash doesn’t spill all over the place (causing waste and a mess) and they love theat they can “do it myself”.



To learn more about Wee Generation, check out the seventh generation facebook page, or visit their website, and be part of the conversation on twitter , @seventhgen

For more tips on keeping your child healthy, visit Healthy Child, Healthy World and sign up for their newsletter. You can find them on twitter @healthy_child or on facebook.

Two lucky winners will receive a gift basket filled with the new line of Wee Generation products. To enter to win, enter via rafflecopter

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This was a sponsored post. I did receive a Wee Generation gift basket filled with greener baby  products.

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