Back Pain Relief from BackJoy

BackJoy is the back pain relief product I have been looking for! After sitting at the computer for hours on end, my back has really started to ache. In addition to this making feel really old, it is uncomfortable and quite distracting as I try to complete my work. When I had a chance to try the Backjoy, I was excited to give a natural remedy a try. There was no way I was going to rely on anti imflammatory medicines and pain relievers to help me endure the back pain! My BackJoy has been an unbeleivable sense of relief for my pain. I actually gave it the ultimate test by sending one to my sister to try. She has severe sciatica and she insists that the BackJoy is the only thing that has given her any relief! She uses it on every chair in her house and has found continuous relief and is living pain free! She ahs said that the more she uses the Backjoy, the less pain she has!

BackJoy Posture+, a secret weapon for not only preventing back pain, but also improving posture and strengthening the core. TheBackJoy can be used anywhere; in the home, office, while traveling and more!

Why is good posture important?

  • Poor posture is the #1 cause of back pain
  • Back pain is the #2 reason people visit the doctor, second only to the common cold
  • 31 million Americans’ backs hurt right now
  • Consumers spend almost the same amount (billions of dollars) on back pain as they do to treat cancer each year!
  • Americans are sitting down more than ever before in history – an average of 9.3 hours per day
BackJoy is a company on a mission to change the way the world sits, stands and sleeps. They make a selection of innovative product solutions that improve posture including theBackJoy Posture+! The BackJoy Posture+ is a preventative everyday seat enhancement that helps you sit more comfortably and correctly, proving posture, strengthening core muscles and avoiding life limiting back problems. It contains patented Applied Postural Science Technology that automatically tilts, cups and floats the pelvis upright so you can find your most balanced and comfortable position. It comes in multiple colors and is lightweight for easy transportation. You can purchase them online at
I know I’ll be using my Backjoy daily to ease my pain and help me get my dancing days posture back!
I was not compensated for this post. I did recieve a sample.
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