Infant Massage Tips, Plus Wee Generation Giveaway

I recently posted about the new line of products from Seventh Generation called, Wee Generation. To read my full review and to enter a chance to win one of two $50 gift baskets,  CLICK HERE.

I remember being in the hospital with my new baby (the first time) and being lucky enough to stumble into an infant massage class. I learned many tips and although I didn’t massage my babies as often as I intended, I did find it beneficial and mutually enjoyable, not to mention relaxing and soothing for both baby and me. Through this encouraging infant massage video you’ll learn tips like the best time to give your baby a massage, how to tell if baby is ready for a massage and ways to enjoy the special quality time between you and your baby.

Liddle Kidz Infant Massage

To watch the video all about Infant Massage by Liddle Kidz, Click Here to view it on YouTube.


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