Sunday, 23 Jun 2024

Carp Fishing Tips For Summer

If there is the ideal season of the year for fast carp fishing, it is the summer. The high temperatures make it almost impossible to stay on the shore, so it is important to look for a setting that will make your stay as easy as possible. Below mentioned are some the top tips to do carp fishing in the summer season.

  • The first step, as always, is to locate the fish; it is hard work, especially in the central strip of the day. In summer the barbell is close to the banks, stationed with its congeners and waiting for food that may come out from the moving water. Here you can fish it with carp fishing rods. It is the key to locate them and give them what they need at that moment.
  • Cracks are great places to lay lines. The food accumulates naturally and the carps know it. A line in the water emits vibrations that can scare away the carps that, by themselves, are suspicious. To avoid this, place the mount on the bottom with a waterproof braid.
  • In summer carps eat more because their digestion process is better this season. Corn? Lupine? Tiger nuts? We can use any type of grain in this season. Boilers with a powerful and fruity aroma are especially effective during this time of year. If large tents are your goal, increase the size of the boilers. With boilers with a diameter of 24-26 mm you can capture the largest specimens. Try different baits with your rods to find out which is more effective, such as one rod with tiger nuts, another with boilers, and another with corn.
  • If you use flour in the short sessions you will attract the fish quickly and wherever you want. To do this, prepare the priming with about ten balls the size of an orange. You can use mixed priming or mix with the baits you have used.
  • Carp fishers can find electronic dive detectors, commonly known as alarms, at any fishing store and for very little money. Acquiring a set of upper-middle range detectors is one of the best investments that can be made, giving peace of mind and security during the day and even more at night.
  • Some fundamental tips are also needed as it is the hot summer season. Drink water frequently (one glass every 20-30 minutes) even if you don’t feel thirsty. Protect your head from the sun and wet it frequently. Wear light, breathable, loose-fitting clothing to promote sweat evaporation.

After these lines I can only wish you luck and good fishing!