Wednesday, 28 Feb 2024

Different Types Of Crane Services That You Can Avail

If you have ever visited a construction site, you will often see a crane. Its basic function is to lift or lower any heavy object. This machine has made several difficult works possible due to the efficiency that it projects. Truly speaking, Egyptians might have made many more pyramids if they could acquire a crane’s service.

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There are different types of this construction-based machine that people use for different purposes. You will find many of these kinds in any company that deals with construction works. For example, the Charleston crane company deals with a huge range of different types of cranes. Let us look at some of these types that are available in the market.

Floating cranes

Most construction companies consider Floating cranes for their work. They are a common sight at most construction sites. Even the government considers them while making any bridges or ports. These cranes can take immense workloads and can lift heavy objects. People also use them to lift objects and unload them from ships at the ports.

Loader cranes

Loader cranes are also used at the construction site. However, they are mainly aimed at loading and unloading heavy objects. They use an arm that is powered hydraulically to pick up the load. Moreover, this arm also fits into restricted spaces. Therefore, these loaders are also used in rescue operations after an emergency.

Telescopic cranes

Telescopic cranes are smaller than the loader cranes, although it performs the same job. It can also be used in small construction works and even in rescue operations. For example, if a boat gets overturned, it can be lifted out of the water with these telescopic cranes. 

Floor cranes

It is not necessary that all heavy lifting takes place at construction sites or rescue operations. You might need to lift heavy objects inside your house. For such cases, the floor cranes are the most suitable. These small-sized cranes can easily fit inside the rooms. They can lift the heavy load and can easily transfer them to someplace or other. You will often find these floor cranes in hospitals and research areas.

Tower or mobile crane services

Tower cranes are needed to be fixed on a concrete slab for its functioning. They are mainly used for constructing tall structures. You can also have them attached to the buildings’ sides. Therefore, you can place them at locations that will be otherwise inaccessible for other types of this machine.

Mobile cranes, on the other hand, can be driven from one place to another. They are the simplest as compared to other types and can vary in size. Such cranes remove the need to install different cranes pertaining to different purposes. If the workload is not much, you can use a single mobile crane for different assignments.

These are some of the basic forms of cranes that you will usually find in any crane company. You might find some new variants depending on the advancement in technologies. If you wish to use any types of crane service, talk to the nearest crane renting companies that deal with such machines.