Tuesday, 7 Dec 2021

Hair Loss, A Matter Of Concern!

Who does not want those perfect thick and shiny hairs that just add more stars to our looks? But due to our changed lifestyle, we are facing some issues regarding this. When there are so many products which are helpful in giving style and statement to our hair, they are damaging them at the same time. Hair loss and dandruff are some of the common issues which are present in every second person. 

There are so many reasons which are responsible for these problems. Baldness typically refers to excessive hair loss from your scalp. Where it is hereditary in some cases, it is caused by some other external factors in other cases. The ketomac shampoo hair loss is recommended for all the people who are facing this issue. But before going to the solution, we will dig more about the problem. There are some of the symptoms which one should be known about so that they can get the proper treatment for their problem before it becomes worse. Signs and symptoms of hair loss may include:

Gradual thinning of hair on the head

Both men and women are the victims of this hair loss. And thinning of hair on the head is one of the most common symptoms of this problem. Men tend to lose hair from the head which results in shape “M” on their forehead and thinning the line of the hair on the forehead. While women do not lose hair on the borderline, but the hair becomes thin from the scalp.

Patches and circular bald spots

Some people experience this type of hair fall in which the hair loss is visible in the scalp and the patches or circular shapes are formed due to the loss of hair. It sometimes also occurs in beards or eyebrows. The skin becomes itchy and painful and hair fall happens eventually.

Sudden loss of hair

This can happen when an emotional or physical shock happens to the person. This type of hair fall causes the overall thinning of the hair, not the bald spots. In this case, the handfuls of hair can come out while combing or washing your hair and even on gentle tugging. 

Hair fall is also caused by some of the side effects of dandruff. But there are many ways which can be used to get the situation of dandruff and hair loss under control. It is best advised to follow the proper hygiene routine for hair and skin which includes having a proper diet and keeping hair moisturized. Also, always go for the ketomac anti dandruffAlso, stress can also be the reason for the thinning of hair which results in the hair loss. You need to keep yourself calm and composed. If you are feeling like the problem is going out of control then it is best to go and consult the doctors. They are present to give you the best advice. Always use the best type of shampoos for your hair and keep them shiny like you always wanted.