Saturday, 20 Aug 2022
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How Can Lighting Affect the Look Of Your Kitchen?


When it comes to lighting your kitchen, the first thing you need to keep in consideration is the activities that will be carried out. The different spaces in your kitchen are for different purposes and require different lighting. Hence, before jumping on to any conclusions you need to make sure that you know the layout of your kitchen and what parts will be used for what purposes. 

Just like metod kitchen cabinets can instantly improve your kitchens look, good and planned lighting can do wonders for your kitchen. But before choosing the lighting, you need to be very sure about the set up of your kitchen. 

The Use Of Ambient Lighting 

When it comes to ambient lighting, there is a lot of room for experimenting. Although many people use it as the main source of light, you can choose to use ambient lighting as a filler of sorts. The main light teaming up with the ambient light decides the entire lighting setup for your kitchen. There are two things to keep in mind while striking a balance between the main light and the ambient light. These are: 

  • You should aim at the proper and even distribution of the light throughout your kitchen. 
  • The above task can be taken care of by a combination of a variety of ambient lighting including pendant lights, and flush mounts to give you kitchen a calming yet beautiful look.

The Accent Lighting

The basic use of accent lighting is to add a sense of style to your kitchen. After you have taken care of the lighting and made sure that the distribution is even. It allows you to go about the chores without the lack of lighting anywhere in the kitchen. 

  • You may consider it superficial but the use of accent lighting and enhance the style of your kitchen immensely. Such lights can also be used to replace or complement the ambient lighting if one wishes to do so. 

The main purpose of accent lighting is to emphasize the areas of your kitchen whose colours you want to further accentuate. It can be directed towards a wall which you have gotten textured differently.  Working in a dull and boring kitchen can be quite a tedious task but a tinge of eye-catching lighting can really do wonders for the overall ambience. 

Make Creative Use Of The Task Lighting 

Task lighting can make a whole lot of difference to the look of your kitchen. Although as the name suggests, its basic use is to assist you in finding stuff in the kitchen with ease, there are various options in task lighting. In order to ensure safe preparation of food, the use of task lights is to illuminate the areas that are most commonly used.