Sunday, 10 Dec 2023

Is A Canvas Bag Really A Worthwhile Investment?

If you are looking for a fresh way to engage new customers and to increase brand awareness, it is time to consider printed canvas bags! If done correctly, packaging and bags can provide your brand with a boost in both customers and sales. So, what is the power of a canvas bag and are they really a worthwhile investment? Let’s take a closer look, below. 

Printed Canvas Bags Attract Customers 

When designing your canvas bag, it’s imperative that you consider your target audience, conduct market research and competitor research to find gaps in the market share for your new design. These bags need to be carefully designed to appeal to your audience, as they have a lot of power to draw in customers. The design doesn’t necessarily require you to go over the top, but you need to make an impact on the customer in order to get their engagement and potentially a conversion. 

Don’t overcrowd the bag and ensure that the colour theme of your brand is maintained across the printed bag, as brand consistency is key if you want your company to appear professional. Through the layout, style and design of the images and text, you can portray the personality of your brand, which will be what intrigues new customers. 

Use Canvas Bags For Seasonal Marketing Campaigns 

During different months, you can use printed canvas bags to promote your seasonal marketing campaign. It’s important that you keep your design memorable and creative, as there will be a number of different marketing campaigns to compete with during these periods. Maintain your usual brand and design but add festive touches to it during the winter months to inform customers that you have a unique and limited design that they can only get during this time. 

Canvas Bags Can Lead To Online Purchases 

If you design your printed canvas bag well, you can create online conversions. Make sure that you add your website and social icons for the platforms you are active on, so customers can follow you immediately and make purchases. For an additional interactive element, add hashtags, which will generate more shares, follows and likes on all the social media platforms and increase your brand visibility online. 

By using reusable bags, these bags will continue to be used, which will mean your audience will grow both online and in store too.

Remember First Impressions Count  

When it comes to bags and packaging, first impressions always count, which is why it’s key you get the marketing campaign spot on. You need to catch the attention of your audience, therefore, as previously mentioned, market research is imperative. Consumers tend to form an impression of a brand based purely on the packaging. 

So, is a canvas bag really a worthwhile investment? As you can see, a printed canvas bag comes with a variety of benefits for increasing a brand’s identity, as well as growing your audience. Therefore, include printed bags in your marketing campaign, as they can do most of the talking for your brand.