Sunday, 29 Nov 2020

Top 6 Tips When Designing Your Office

How does everyone feel going to the same office space every day with the same atmosphere, look, and feel? After a certain time, one needs to rework on the office furniture London, colours, and feel of the office to bring that charm back which will lift the morale of the workplace and make the atmosphere more productive and effective. 

Here are some top tips for designing your office to bring the best out of it:-

  1. Add More Color

The use of proper colour is very important when designing an office. The use of the right colours helps bring the best in the people as people experience psychological changes when exposed to certain colours. So, for example, green can get employees excited about where they work, while blue and yellow can communicate feelings of relaxation, hopefulness, and calm. Similarly, the colour of the office furniture London has to be as such that it compliments the colours of the walls and enhances the overall look of the office space. 

  1. Get rid of uncomfortable furniture

Before you arrange the furniture, consider whether or not it’s even a good idea to keep it. Old or poorly made furniture can cause employee health problems such as back pain, migraines, and eye strain. Office furniture London has a complete range of new technology chairs that feature armrest variations; swivel mechanisms; height, width, and depth adjustments, and padded material. While updating furniture or opting for something more expensive might hurt your wallet 

for that office furniture, London has different exchange offer from there complete range in your budget 

  1. Create Designated Lounge Spaces

 These days a lot of stress is in providing employees with a comfortable work environment. For doing this one needs to have proper lounge space or a small entertainment room. Office furniture London has a complete range of lounge designs where one can get comfortable seating and a cosy set up like a coffee shop or café which allows the staff to rejuvenate their body and mind to rest, which improves productivity and better focus at work.

  1. Don’t Overdo the Decor

There’s nothing worse than a dark, bland office with a good organization but no character or decorations. While it may be tempting to choose function over form when it comes to office design, a little creativity goes a long way. It would not hurt to include some office plants, artwork, inspirational quotes, and company branding or maybe some creative work from local NGOs to brighten the space and keep the creative juices flowing. Without overdoing it office decor should be such which makes space look more aesthetically pleasing, not overwhelm employees and visitors.

  1. Provide Quiet Zones for Individual Work

Sometimes we need quiet workspaces to do our best work. Offer a quiet zone, ideally with noise levels between 48 and 52 decibels (dB), to facilitate this. Nowadays a lot of such different materials are available by using them one gets quiet workspace without any outsider noise hindrance. 

  1. Pay attention to lighting

Lighting can impact productivity, health, mood, well-being, and depression. In fact many studies have indicated that many of the employees are unhappy about the lighting situation in their offices. Take a stroll around your office and take note of spaces that are not getting enough light. Natural light is ideal, but this isn’t possible for all spaces, especially interior offices and cubicles. 

With the right method and people, you can build ideal office space and use the best office furniture London to create a working space which is not only good for production but gives a healthy feel to the people working there.