Sunday, 7 Mar 2021

8 Reasons To Use Dry Cleaning Services

While many people consider using a professional dry cleaning company a luxury costing too much money there are many benefits to it that offset the expense. If you have been using a dry cleaner on a regular basis you know why it is worth every penny you spend and in reality, can save you money in the long run. Of course not every article of clothing you own needs to be dry cleaned but for some it is essential.

There is a reason dry cleaning has been around for so long and that is because it can help with your cleaning needs in a number of ways. From dealing with specific materials, drapes or even your bridal gown, dry cleaning can help to keep your most valued items in good condition. There are even a number of green companies and a Kitsilano dry cleaner might be perfect for your needs. Here are some of the benefits.

Less Wear and Tear

When washing clothing in the traditional way at home you will find it is much harder on the fabric causing garments to fade and wear out faster than when they are dry cleaned. The dryer can cause damage and make your clothes look older than if you took them to a professional dry cleaner. Delicate items are not meant to be washed at home and many suggest you dry clean only because it is easier on the clothes.

Save Valuable Time

Nowadays it seems like we are always on the run and trying to squeeze more time out of everything we do. Taking your items to a dry cleaner instead of dealing with them yourself is an incredible time saver. You drop your clothes of crumpled and dirty and pick them up clean, starched, ironed and ready for wear. Laundry can eat up a lot of time and dry cleaning takes one more thing off your to-do list.

Deal with Your Delicates

I am sure at some point in everyone’s life we have tried to wash our “dry clean only” clothing items in a traditional washing machine. Maybe the first time or two it might not be too bad or you may find your favourite shirt or dress unwearable after making this decision only once. There is a reason some garments are labelled this way because they will not hold up under home washing methods.

Make the Greener Choice

Many dry cleaning companies have opted to go green and made the decision to use only non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly cleaning products. Also a dry cleaner uses much less water and energy than at-home washers and dryers. Not only is this good for the planet it is also healthier for our bodies as the clothes will not be washed in harmful perfumed and chemical-filled cleaning solutions.

Remove Stains

There are times we get a stubborn stain on something we love and do not want to get rid of. We may try stain remover products at home but they do not always work or may cause some fading around the stain ruining the garment in the process. Dry cleaning removes stains while ensuring the protection of the clothing item.

Prepare Special Garments for Storage

Many brides want to have their wedding gown cleaned and prepped so it can be stored for a long period of time. Others may have reasons to keep special pieces of clothing for an extended length of time and dry cleaning services can help with this. They can make sure that all stains or discolouration that may have occurred during wearing be removed so the piece is in pristine condition when put into storage.

Alter Clothing

Most dry cleaning companies not only offer cleaning services but also do clothing alterations when requested. They are typically very knowledgeable, experienced and professional about altering items needing simple hemming or something more technical like taking something in or letting it out. They can also repair old or torn jacket liners. You can drop things off for cleaning and hemming at the same time.

Remove Odours

When clothing ages, has not been cared for properly or been damaged from smoke or water a dry cleaning company can help to restore it to its original condition while removing any unpleasant odours associated with such occurrences. This is an added bonus and can get rid of any scents from detergent or other chemical smells which is beneficial to allergy sufferers and children.