Sunday, 29 Nov 2020

9 Benefits Of Wearing Yellow Sapphire

Why wear Yellow Sapphire?

Yellow Sapphire also known as “Phukraj”, “Pushkaraj”, “Push Raja” and “Peetmani” is a bright yellow or lemon colored valuable gemstone belonging to corundum mineral family. According to Hindu religion, it is believed that Yellow Sapphire claims the power of Jupiter, the heaviest planet in the solar system. The gem of Yellow Sapphire are mostly worn on the index finger of the working hands those who are luckless in their professional life. Besides making your life style successful it also improve your will power along with healthy progeny.  As prescribed in the Hindu Scriptures the stones are only for Sagittarius and Pisces. Why wear yellow sapphire aims to communicate the benefits of wearing it.

Some marvelous benefits of yellow Sapphire to the bearer

The Yellow sapphire stands above the rest because glossy yellow shine radiating fine exorbitant light attracts the eye. However, the aforementioned benefits are just starters to the actual religious and other benefits of this truly magnificent gem. Check these benefits of this awesome stone from bullets below:

  • The stone is a must for women who see some sort of disagreements whether large or small in their marital relationship.
  • The prana and visual attention which come along with this sapphire catches attention of not just people with ill feeling but also the negative prana in environment. It creates an impenetrable shield which preserves its bearer from every kind of bad omen and evil in the environment.
  • The soothing amount of high quality pranic energy attached with the stone creates a layer of rich high energy oxygen leaving a person calm to the core. This provides it’s wearer with ability to make clear decision and remain calm in the most demanding of situations which comes across ones life.
  • Similarly, Vedic scriptures, astrological books, and other hindu scriptures speak of the Yellow Sapphires ability to treat diseases which are related to body parts like mouth, kidney, rheumatism, fever and lung diseases.
  • The spiritual healing maintains balance, provides hope and provides a purpose to life. The current yellow sapphire is bound to increase through use of this gem. This gem has been found to increase a person’s inclination towards the spirituality and become attached to radiant natural healing arising from it. Thus, if there is someone who does not have inclination towards spirituality and its power then it is recommended to those people.
  • The astrological science points of chances of untimely accidental death which have high chances of occurrence in a person’s life. However, wearer of this gem is protected from such events and should put it on to avoid damage from any kind of minor or major accident.
  • The significance of oxygen in blood is highly important because it helps the skin radiate and keeps it clean. The high oxygen attracting power which comes from prana of this gem helps get rid of those acne which break due to loss of oxygen.
  • Similarly, the anger is also associated with high blood pressure resulting from oxygen loss in the blood stream.  The current sapphire stone calms the blood pressure through provision of ample amount of oxygen to its bearer through its prana related powers.
  • Jupiter is the main planet of this stone and it’s the planet which is related to knowledge and insight. The knowledge and power to make steadfast decision appears from use of this stone. Thus, one should use this stone to see increment in wisdom.

The wisdom and benefit which arises from use of this gem is unending and one must use this stone if their birth planet and zodiac require this stone. However, one must always consult the priest or knowledgeable guru to avoid any ill effect which may be caused by wearing at wrong time.