Sunday, 14 Apr 2024

A Small Town Fixation

I love to visit small towns. I love the tranquil environment where I can fully embrace the Symphony staged by Nature’s creations. I love the idyllic surrounding where I won’t feel it disturbing to stare at nothing all day long. I love the small state or city parks that I am capable of exploring in depth within one day. I love the friendly people who greet you and share their beloved stories.

Never have I decided to look into a city just because of its name. Olympia is an exception for the attached divine feature.

Being the capital cityof Washington State, Olympia has all the sceneries that are worthy of seeing. Moreover, as it is located just 52 miles southeast of Olympic N.P. and 64 miles west of Mt. Rainer N.P., it is the perfect stopover for park enthusiasts.

  1. Safety Index

U.S. average

  1. Transportation

The nearest airport is Sea Tac. You can either take Uber* from the airport or make a reservation with a shuttle (

*Note: Uber is not allowed inside Sea Tac. You have to walk out of the lot to reserve a car.

The bus system in Olympia is free of charge. It is highly suggested to take the bus to the famous farmer’s market, where you can buy big bags of cherries picked fresh from Mt. Rainer.

  1. Lodging

Fertile Ground Guesthouse located in downtown Olympiais the place where you can live like a local. Always give them a call ahead of time to make a reservation at (360)352-2428 (

  1. Places to visit
  2. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge (10 miles east; estuary view)
  3. Priest Point Park (2.4 miles north; forest and hiking trails)
  4. Capitol Lake Park

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