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Anouk Govil Highlights The 7 Must Try Restaurants Near The New York University

New York often referred to as the city of dreams, is essentially a destination where many people aspire to set up their residence in. Anouk Govil is one of those many people.  Having grown up in Connecticut, Anouk had always aspired to live in New York. She managed to achieve this dream after she chooses to move into this city in order to pursue her career.  She lived in New York NY as a student and immediately fell in love with the vibrant environment it had to over.

New York is often considered to be one of the best cities in the world. There are several reasons for its, including its multi-cultural environment, friendly people, cosmopolitan lifestyle and employment opportunities.  However, according to Anouk Govil, one of the most attractive parts of this city is the incredible dining options it provides, especially the ones present near the famous New York University. NYU is one of the coolest and most exciting food areas in Manhattan, and houses dining units ideal for the tastes of almost any individual.  Here are some of the must try restaurants located near the New York University:

  • By CHLOE: For people searching for a relatively healthier dining venue among the numerous late-night falafel sites and pizza spots in the Greenwich Village, then visiting By CHLOE would be quite a prudent move. In addition to smoothies and salads, this dining unit is also renowned to serve a host of vegan sandwiches and pastas. However, the seating options here are quite limited, so people can easily choose to take their vegan meatball sub and kale Caesar salad nearby to the Washington Square Park and eat it there.
  • B & H Dairy: From NYU students to people living in this city for decades, this essentially is a go to place for various kind of New Yorkers.  This is a cash only site featuring a single long counter. Here people give their food order to the same guy who makes those dishes.  The food menu available here is quite extensive, the soups and giant sandwiches being huge favorites.
  • Taboonette: This New York NY site provides people with the chance to have famous falafel at a sober setting.  Delectable chicken shawarma and lamb kebab are also popularly served here.
  • Tortaria: A huge favorite among NYU students, Anouk Govil says that this place would be an ideal spot to visit for people planning to gorge on incredible Mexican sandwiches or even enjoy a few tequila drinks.
  • Mimi Cheng’s: Looking like a tech start-up’s cafeteria, this dining venue is popular for its innovative décor.  There is a lot of Ikea furniture to be found here, and the people can easily place their orders of an ipad.  People should definitely try out the dumplings served at this place.
  • Taqueria Diana: While its name might tell a different story, this place is especially popular for its incredible burritos. People should especially try out the al pastor burritos served here.
  • Hu Kitchen: This is an all-day counter-service spot where people can find an extensive range of gluten-free, dairy-free, and grain-free dishes, which are ideal for health conscious individuals.


According to Anouk Govil, these were some of the major dining sports that people should definitely try out near the New York University.

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