Thursday, 30 May 2024

Blog Vs Youtube Channel – Which Path Offers Greater Chances Of Success?

In this internet-driven world, we see people from different backgrounds creating content on YouTube and blogs. Platforms like these have created a multitude of options for people. We will discuss which path offers greater chances of success; a blog or a YouTube channel. 

As we welcomed the world of the internet into our world there was a dramatic shift in our lives, be it personal or professional. As the internet became essential in our daily lives, we became more and more used to the different features, tools, and services it had to offer. 

From asking Google to tell us the weather forecast to using social media platforms as sources of livelihoods, we are completely and utterly surrounded by technology. In this world, it becomes natural for people to adapt and create ways through which they can channel their hobbies, creativity, passion, and skills to create a livelihood out of it. 

The trouble out of all the good that has come from it, is that the options are too many. Do you create a blog or a YouTube channel? Do you start social media marketing or stick to other mediums to generate traffic. All these seem equally lucrative and thus raise questions. In this article, we will discuss which path offers more chances of success, a blog, or a YouTube channel. 

#1- Know your audience

As a creator, it is of utmost importance that you know who your target audience is. When you start creating content based on your passion, skill, and liking, you must also have a fair idea about the type of people who would like what you create. 

If you are a poet, the more likely option for you would be to create your own poetry blog and share it across different platforms to reach the audience. If you are a dancer, you should most probably opt for a YouTube channel as then you are bound to reach your target audience with ease 

#2- Test your options

After you have done a thorough analysis of your target audience, it is now time to test the options that lay in front of you. When you start your journey as a creator you must always keep a few tabs open, other than the one platform you choose. 

If your chosen option is a blog, then that does not mean that the entire content focus should be on the blog. You need other channels and to grow and thus it is imperative that you keep an open mind and be open to the possibility that something else might work out for you as well

#3- Relevance of video content in your chosen niche

When you start creating your content, you get a pretty good idea of whether your chosen niche requires video content or not. Just because there is a successful platform like YouTube out there does not mean that your content will succeed there as well. 

Different types of content and niches require different approaches. So it is best that you go forward and create your YouTube channel only if your chosen niche requires video content. 

In conclusion

In this piece, we discussed which path offers greater chances of success, a blog or a YouTube channel. 

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