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Business Exhibition Marketing – Five Ways To Prepare Before The Big Day

The classic business trade show is one of the most suitable illustrations of the principle that preparation is the only sure weapon to avoid failure in advance. Standing such a show comes with many challenges in its own right as before, during and also after the day of the event, the tasks that will need to be balanced can be hundreds. However what is always very surprising for newcomers to trade shows is the way in which preparation and planning in the run up to the big day will make the most important differences of all – not so much how you present yourself and perform during the event.

According to the display stands experts, a quite significant proportion of companies planning to attend business exhibitions completely underestimate the rather important matter of marketing. The reason usually is that they see the exhibition itself as something of a marketing initiative and consequently see no further need to market their presence in other ways. However, there is little more important than letting your customers, business partners and the public in general know where and when you’re going to be, rather than just assuming they will find you by accident.

So for anyone who would rather get the real maximum out of their business exhibition appearances, here is a quick look at five crucial ways to prepare from a marketing perspective before the day of the event:

Advertise Often and Early

First up, never leave it until the very last minute to start announcing your upcoming presence – your marketing efforts should start as early as possible. The essential thing here is to approach your business exhibition appearance as if you were marketing the launch of a new product or service. As many advertising channels as possible should be used and on a very frequent basis in order to make sure your central message gets communicated to as many potential prospects as it is humanly possible.

Create an Interesting Angle

It’s very likely that you will never come across any marketing material for a company’s exhibition presence which simply says “We’ll be there, come and see us!”. Instead, you will most probably find that each and every brand with any kind of past experience with business exhibitions and exhibition marketing will try to create some kind of an interesting angle or story in order to really capture the interest of their target audience. An example could be that some will use the exhibition as a means by which to launch new products or services, others will offer new special promotions and deals exclusive to those in attendance and then there will be those who will advertise product demonstrations or will share expert advice. In any such cases it is basically the same strategy – don’t just announce that you will attend the event, but try to give your audience members a reason to really want to come and see your brand.

Get Really Chatty

It’s likely that highlighting once again the potential and importance of social media is not necessary when it comes to efficient advertising of upcoming events. Nevertheless, there is an important difference between using the social media channels for marketing campaigns and using the same channels to become a part of a real conversation. The difference is namely that in the case of the latter, your brand is not just bombarding your target audience members with promotional pitches, but rather engaging in a real discussion with them. And since engagement breeds real trust, interest and respect, it can be a pure gold mine for your exhibition marketing efforts.

Effective Event Advertising

It’s normal to assume that the organisers of the business exhibition will do plenty of their own promotion and advertising, so why not try to become a part of it? Starting from the event’s official web page to marketing on the radio to newspapers and magazines and so on, any place you can slip in your brand’s name will give you an important advantage to say the least. So instead of just expecting the event organisers to give your business exposure in any shape or form, contact them personally and see if you can make it happen.

Introduce Your Brand on the Pre-Show Press Days

Last but not least, a large number of the more important business exhibitions organised in the UK will feature an exclusive pre-show openings where press members will be invited to come and see what is happening before the start of the event. Chances are, to pass up any such wonderful opportunities will be foolish to say the least, as a good word on your behalf from the press is essentially the best kind of advertising you can hope to achieve.

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