Sunday, 18 Apr 2021

Everything You Want To Know About Fire-Rated Doors

Fire hazards are widespread in household and commercial properties. Hundreds of people lost their lives in fire accidents, and millions’ properties are burnt down in this hazard. In such situations, you must invest in fire-safety strategies, fire rated doors being one of them. These are specially designed doors that prevent the spread of fire and smoke and slows them down.

Fire rated doors are made of metals or gypsum, and it is one of the best equipment that helps prevent fire and smoke from spreading throughout a building rapidly. These doors should be placed in common areas where people can smoothly run out of the building. It is a great safety measure that should be implemented in public buildings, commercial places, and residential properties.

However, remember that these doors are not entirely fire-proof and can only resist the flames and smoke for a limited period. Fighting smoke is essential when a building catches fire. It has been found that more people die by choking due to smoke inhalation in a fire accident than the fire itself. Fire-rated doors might also save some properties by holding off the flames for some time till the fire-fighters come.

Where to install these doors?

Fire rated doors are secondary measures to prevent the spread of fire throughout a building. Usually, exit and stairways need to be fire-proofed as it helps people run out of the building during fire accidents. You can also put it in critical places like electric shafts, plumbing, LV shafts, and fire-fighting shafts. You can also put these doors in pump rooms, meter rooms, etc. to prevent the accident from intensifying.

What are the properties of an excellent fire  door?

The properties that you should keep in mind while choosing these types of  doors are:-

  • You will first have to select the ideal material for your  rated door as it is essential. 
  • Look after its fire rating; the total time it can resist the fire, smoke, etc. 
  • Also, look at the door’s size and the aesthetics in case it is placed in a visible area.

Also, go for tested and certified doors, as they can provide you with better performance. It is always a good idea to buy safety products that are tested for their overall quality standard. Contact an experienced door manufacturer who can help you with the whole installation process too.