Saturday, 15 May 2021

Are Electric Smokers Healthy?

The latest product in the market is an electric smoker loaded with stunning features. This new invention has surely contributed to making our lives easier.

Especially for the chefs and people who love to set up parties in their backyards. With electric smokers, not only people get to cook more food in less time. Yet it also lets you control the temperature so the meat cooks to perfection.

The list of plus points can go on for another hour or so. But we would cut you some slack and come straight to the point. A real question that we all have in our minds. Are electric smokers healthy?

So we have jotted down some real facts and information about this buzzing query. Before that check out this website for further insights about electric smokers. Let’s take a deeper look without much ado!

Are Electric Smokers Good?

If you look at the bright side, electric smokers are far more convenient. Rather than using direct heat, it uses a convection system. It allows heat to circulate and produces smoke that cooks the food/meat.

If we take a look at the temperature range it is not as high as in wood smokers. For hot smoking, the temperature ranges from 180-250. Whereas for cold smoking it offers 60-80 degrees.

In fact, there are various smokers that have a digital control panel. So you can even control the temperature via Wi-Fi or remote enabled feature.

This feature lets you smoke various foods at a slow and low pace. Thus the cooked food is a lot healthier, unlike the high-temp grilling, searing, and frying. Whereas conventional methods only alter the nutritional value of the food.

Is Smoked Meat Carcinogenic?

When we talk about smoke, the word carcinogen pops up automatically. In fact, there have been recent concerns raised about smoked food and our health.

Though electric smokers produce a lesser amount of carcinogens compared to wood smokers. But there still is a risk that the smoked food poses to our health.

Here’s the deal!

Proteins like fish and meat when undergoing high temps produce HCAs and PAHs. These heterocyclic amines along with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are carcinogens.

Now, according to a recent study, the meat juices and fat dripping on hot coals is the cause. It forms during a flare-up and wood chips legit add oils to the fire.

Hence the smoked meat does contain carcinogens. These foods can result in heart diseases or associated risk of contracting cancer.

Are Electric Smokers Safe?

Now, here comes the actual question and its answer. Well, if we take a closer look, electric smokers are a healthier alternative. Not only that, but these are safer also compared to other smokers.

Due to being electricity-dependent, smoke and heat leakage are minimal. Also, the chances of sudden flare-up get eliminated with electric smokers.

Whereas traditional smokers cause serious damage with the open flames. The intense smoke release in the environment only worsens the scenario.

A common phenomenon with open smokers is lung problems. But with electric smokers, you get rid of that issue too. The closed structure reduces the release of smoke into the environment.

Moreover, a few insulated, advanced smokers cut down the cooking time by half. The smoke and heat insider does the job in minutes rather than hours. Yet the smoky flavor also remains the same.

Additional Tips

Relying on one or another type of smoker will not do you any good. Instead, you need to follow up on a few tips to make things better.

  • When making a purchase, don’t forget to check it thoroughly for any defaults.
  • Opt for lean food like fresh veggies, lean meats, omega-rich seafood. Compared to fatty meats it offers health benefits.
  • Never skip the cleaning part after a bbq session. Use warm water and soap to get rid of greasy stains from the pans, racks.
  • Opt for remote controls and Wi-Fi sort of technologies to keep track of the smoke. It allows you to monitor the food from almost anywhere.


To put it into a nutshell electric smokers are without a doubt safer options. They not only cut you some slack with more control. But are also a friendly option for the environment.

Yet these plus points can’t deny the fact that it is still a smoker. The product will be still cooked by smoke. Hence the chances of smoked food affecting your health might be lesser. But there still stands a few chances.