Thursday, 19 Jul 2018

Exploring The Culturally Diverse City Of Begusarai

Aside from being a modern city and headquarters of the locale, it likewise boasts of its vacationer spots which make it very well known among guests and travelers. It has Asia’s biggest oxbow lake, ‘Kabar Jheel’ which is one of the significant vacation destinations in the locale. A few other verifiable, religious and common destinations like Naulakha sanctuary, Jai Mangla Temple, Begusarai Museum, Simaria Ghat, Chhaurahi Benkhadda and Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary pull in guests from distant locations abroad. If you love to explore the culturally diverse cities then Begusarai is the place to be. Just book ticket on Patna to Begusarai train to travel and witness the awesomeness. Here are some of the places you should explore in Begusarai.

Kabar Jheel: Also called as the Kabar Taal Lake is Asia’s biggest freshwater oxbow lake. It lies in Manjhaul sub-division of Begusarai area. Kabar Lake is safehouse of several types of jeopardized and uncommon household and vagrant winged creatures. Kabar Jheel is additionally renowned for its winged creature asylum and is a standout amongst the most gone by outing spots in Begusarai.

Jai Mangla Temple: The temple is a standout amongst the most gone by vacationer places in Begusarai. It is situated at Jaimangal Garh which lies on southern side of Kanwar Lake and is dedicated to Goddess Jai Mangla who is the main god of this sanctuary. This temple is additionally well known as Shaktipeeth among local people and aficionados come to get their prayers answered.

Barauni Ecological Park: Situated 8 km west of Begusarai town close to the Barauni Refinery, the park has been produced by the Barauni Refinery. The green spread given to a wide territory is a noteworthy natural alleviation in this mechanical belt. The recreation center, which stretches out backing to oceanic and creature life, is likewise the winter destination of countless winged animals.

Harsai Stupas: Situated close Jaimangla Garh is a group of four stupas, explored just as of late by archeologists. Preparatory studies show these stupas go back to the post-Gupta period and have a place with Hinayanas of Buddhism. The Archeological Survey of India has demonstrated readiness for their protection as an historically authentic monument.

Visit the yearly mela: The month-long Simaria Mela, sorted out on the bank of stream Ganga at Simaria Ghat amid October-November consistently, draws a great many people from Bhutan and Nepal. The aficionados stay in hatched houses and take a plunge in the river as there’s a far reaching conviction that a dunk in the Ganga amid the period washes all the bad karma. The environment turns out to be especially religious amid the period, and the merriments end with Chhath celebration.

Simaria ghat: Begusarai feels glad to be the birthplace of celebrated Hindi writer, Rashtrakavi Ramdhari Singh ‘Dinkar’. Simaria gram, where this veteran writer was conceived is situated at south-eastern limit of Begusarai region. Simaria is situated on north bank of River Ganga and along these lines ‘Simaria Bank’ or ‘Simaria Ghat’ is popular as hallowed spot among enthusiasts.

With so many charming places to visit in Begusarai you will never have a boring moment during your vacation. Hop onto the Patna to Begusarai train to travel and have an awesome time. What’s more, the most celebrated Simaria Mela of Begusarai is likewise held here amid month of Kartik every year.

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