Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Fashion Future – What’s New, What’s Trending, What’s Ending?

Fashion is a fickle creature, never sticking with one style or trend – always looking to the next big thing. But that’s just how we like it, isn’t it? The world of fashion never stands still, with super-chic catwalk shows twice a year fore shadowing the themes and storylines to come, we’re always hungry for more. The next instalment of the fashion soap opera could bring anything, that’s what’s so exciting!

So what can we expect from planet fashion next? What should we be hanging in our wardrobes or donating to the charity shop? Read on to discover the truth…

New styles on the block

We are truly being spoiled at the moment with the richness and diversity of ideas being fired our way from fashion land. One of the key looks from the catwalks showing 2016 fashion was a preoccupation with the nerd as style icon.

Yeah, I know. Nerds. Not a great look, sweaters, spectacles and geeky, shapeless clothes. That said, the haute couture interpretations of nerd-style introduced some pretty sensational twists with glittered suits, intensely gorgeous coloured knitwear and some staggeringly beautiful spectacle frames. Even the coolest among us have an inner nerd, it’s just a matter of finding them and pushing their naïve nerdiness to the fore. Think geek chic rather than naff nerd, it’s easier to love.

Next summer’s feminine style to covet is the prairie dress. Be at the head of the trending queue with a Little House on the Prairie style robe that combines faded Americana, dustbowl diva and high plains heroine all in one super cool garment.

Gold is replacing black as the new, er, black. Yep. Gold. What do you mean you don’t have the right skin tone to carry it off? There’s a gold to suit everyone, it’s just a matter of digging it.

Shoulders – you know those things your arms hang off? Well, they are big news in fashion at this very minute. Whether it’s a dress, halter top or jumpsuit, shoulders will be on display most of the time in the coming months. You have been warned. Oh, and dangling over your bare shoulders, will be huge (and we mean HUGE) earrings. The bigger the better.

Finally, anything frilly, lacy and with a hint of lingerie about it, will be causing a stir in a salon near you. Either combined with simple garments or as a no holds barred tribute to wearable cobwebs, the look ahead is lacy.

Here to stay

Certain garments that have been re-introduced in recent years have really taken off in popularity. Take playsuits and jumpsuits, for example – they have stormed the fashion charts, flying off the shelves online and on the High Street. What’s the secret to their popularity? It has much to do with their versatility. With playsuits especially, they can be dressed down sensibly for daytime worn with woolly tights when it’s cooler – then when you hit the clubs after work, it doesn’t take a lot of work to push them in a fashion diva direction. Florals, suedes, corduroy even lace – the success of the playsuit is all down to it’s ability to morph in a moment into the perfect outfit. Jumpsuits are the same, they keep you covered up when necessary, but can be fizzed up in an instant with a few accessories and a pair of killer heels.

Ditch now

Skinny jeans have officially had their day. Unbelievably, in trouser-town we’re moving back into the realm of the flare. Yes. We’re back there again. Doesn’t really seem like progress, but that’s fickle fashion for you.

Sky scraper heels belong to yesterday. Hooray! No more trips to A&E with ankle sprains. Heels are no longer spiky and towering, they are chunky and blocky – so chuck your stilettos in the back of the wardrobe and forget about blisters, corns and hammer toes for  a season or two.

Finally, hair dyed the colour of Parma Violets has had its day. The lilac rinse craze has been handed back to the Grannies (where it should have stayed all along). If you want to add a little pastel perkiness to your tresses, get your ends dipped in baby blue or pale pink. If you really want to know, hot shades for the new season are coppery red and pearly platinum blonde.

You heard it here first. As ever we are ahead of the curve and right on the catwalk front row. We have the best view of what’s coming and the last word on what’s dead and gone. Stick with us, and you’ll never be at a loss what to wear – ever!


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