Sunday, 10 Dec 2023

Get Noticed At School With These Cool Tips

There is no magic wand that can make you popular at school. However, you can work on yourself in order to get noticed in the crowd. To capture the attention of people around you, being confident, unique and friendly is the least you can do, but all of these will definitely improve your chances of being the one who turns heads.

Learn to be confident

If you are shy, the chances you will meet other people and get noticed are close to zero. Learn to respect yourself and act and appear confident. First of all, pay attention to your posture. Do not drag your feet when walking and keep your back straight when sitting. When standing, especially alone, make sure you keep your shoulders squared, your head pulled straight up and your chin high. Secondly, smile when wanting to talk to someone. In order for people to perceive you as confident, making eye contact when talking to someone is crucial.

Find your own look

Although you may think that being current in all spheres of life, including fashion style, is an easy way to stand out, the truth is that you will only blend with the rest of the school. Whether your style is rock, punk, preppy or hipster chic, it does not matter as long as you feel comfortable. Wear the clothes that fit you. Do not look as if you are trying too hard to be noticed. If you are not into the latest jeans, don’t wear it. Be unique, try to find clothes and accessories no one else has. For example, the personalized backpack with the print of your favourite music star is a great way to show everybody your likes and interests. Your style says a lot about you giving you a possibility to make new friends who have a similar sense of style as you.

Be friendly

Try small talk and avoid controversial topics. Be interested at the people you are talking to. Ask them how they spent the day and try to relate to what they are talking about. You may know someone that dealt with the same thing your new friend did. Empathy is one of the most important things in society. If you cannot help someone, make sure you tell them you wish them the best and that you are always there if they need your help.

Join the extracurricular activities

In order to be popular, you need to be involved. Join the school’s sports team, or music activities. Find out whether there are volunteer projects at school. If you want to get noticed, you need to start doing things. Joining the extracurricular activities will expose you to more people of similar interest as yourself. If you are not good at this specific sport, do not despair. Work hard to improve yourself and be really good at what you are doing. Others will notice your effort and the next thing you know, you will become the person everyone is talking about.

Get noticed in the classroom

You do not need to raise your arm the whole time in order to stand out from the entire classroom. Do the readings and the homework, be present and involved. Be active, try to answer your teacher’s questions and participate in the activities. Be friendly to your classmates. If you are giving your best to participate in the classroom, more people will know your name making it easier for you to take up any conversation that will come up in the future.

All these recommendations boil down to one thing: be yourself. Being honest about your interests, virtues and flaws is one tip you can always follow wherever you are!

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