Friday, 27 Jan 2023

How About Annual Travel Insurance?

If you are a frequent traveller to abroad, you will then need annual travel insurance. Because, it will save your time and money befitting your unique travel insurance requirement. That’s the catch here. But, knowing this much alone will not suffice the purpose. Knowledge is power to you. You must, therefore, know what will maximise your insurance cover while saving money and not compromising with your safety and security.

Who can avail the annual travel insurance?

Anyone willing to take a travel to abroad can avail the annual travel insurance. The crux is: unless you are a frequent traveller, your purpose of having the annual travel insurance will be defeated. Because, the annual insurance will obviously cost you more compared to single trip travel insurance. Generally saying, it can be proved equally rewarding for the elderly people who keep visiting overseas for some reasons or the other.

The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of annual travel insurance:

You will be glad to know that there are a few coveted benefits of an annual travel insurance that you can’t otherwise beat with all other travel insurances; namely –

  • Flexibility: Here, you enjoy the flexibility of having active travel insurance on your side valid for the 365 days. It means you need not have to run to your insurer asking for single trip travel insurance every time you set out for the overseas within the contractual timeframe of your annual policy.
  • Time savings: As you don’t need to apply for a fresh insurance cover every time within a year, the annual travel insurance saves your productive time and energy. You will thus be free for investing your time and energy in some other pockets befitting your interest and passion.
  • Cost savings: Though the immediate price of annual travel insurance will be on the higher side, you will still be benefitted in the long run by the savings of every single trip insurance. Because, the cost of say, five single trip travel insurances will be more than that of a year’s travel insurance and likewise.
  • Extended covers: You will be happy to note that many of your pre-existing medical conditions will get a cover when you opt for the annual travel insurance. Additionally, you can get up to 50 days’ cover per trip and 17 days’ winter sports cover under the comprehensive policies.

How to choose your partner for the annual travel insurance?

  • Reputation: Always check the reputation your partner here before engaging it for your coveted annual travel insurance. This goes many miles in your favour safeguarding your interest.
  • Congenial work culture: Some insurance providers ask for too many details and formalities to follow. Some follow a user-friendly approach thereby substantially reduces the paperwork. As such, choose the one that best describes your taste and preferences.
  • Maximum cover: Some travel insurance company offers up to 5 million pounds as the cover. Taking the maximum cover can give you the peace of mind though NOT desirable.

Choose the annual travel insurance that fits into your exact requirement.

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