Wednesday, 22 Sep 2021

Importance Of EHIC Card While Travelling To Different Countries

You must have already heard about the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), haven’t you? Did you know that this card is the new replacement of the previous E111 form, making it way easier for you to get medical care in a jiffy when you’re travelling to any of the 28 member states of the European Union under the EEA (European Economic Area)? Indeed, the EHIC is an ‘insured’ medical scheme for travellers like you that can save you a big deal from an unexpected bulk pay out under sudden emergencies.

Now, don’t confuse the EHIC card with your passport. The topic under discussion here entitles you to treatments, from the state-provided medical units, which may become necessary during your trip emergencies within the country you are visiting and undergoing the treatment from. So, no doubt, you need a valid EHIC card. If you are still clueless, this article will probably help you go in the right direction.

  • The  E111 a.k.a the EHIC health card

So you are just a few days from your dream vacation with all your packing and jet setting in place! But what about your travel medical insurance? What if you suddenly have a medical emergency while en route? Now, find all your answer with the E111, a form previously used for claiming a free or subsidized unplanned medical treatment, through a reciprocal agreement between the EEA countries, for those visiting the European countries as tourists, but now replaced with the much popular EHIC card. Remember, every single traveller in your group, including your partner or child, needs to have his/her own card to reap the full insurance benefits on the trip.

  • What you get

The best part is, the European jurisdiction allows all its travellers, who have a valid EHIC card, to stay in another member state under safe medical supervision and not return to their home member state until and unless they are medically fit.

The treatments under the EHIC covers the following…

  1. European Health Insurance Card acceptance,
  2. Maternity care,
  3. Renal dialysis,
  4. Preexisting,
  5. Emergency treatment,
  6. Oxygen,
  7. Other chronic conditions.

In simple words, the EHIC gets you ready to keep safe with your treatment requirements, due to emergency illness or accidents, and not break your bank. However, don’t forget to check the individual websites of each country on your visiting list as countries like France and others may vary in their insurance coverage for the public health care systems.

  • Exceptions prevail

Remember, countries like France, will not disburse a free treatment under any circumstance and so, you need to bear the entire costs for your emergency treatment until you can obtain the reimbursement later. Moreover, countries like France doesn’t cover the costs of your private healthcare, or services that are not part of the French state healthcare system. For ex., let’s say you are travelling to France and you have taken a non-hospitalised medical treatment there. Here, you will normally need to pay for all your treatment including your prescriptions. Alternatively, there are also countries that pay the full cost of your emergency health care under the EHIC insurance.

In a nutshell, with the EHIC, you can now obtain an emergency health care from all those European countries that fall under the EEA and Bam, the card comes to you for free. So, now your European holidays, with a promise of an anytime treatment, will surely be the most memorable one.

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