Saturday, 6 Mar 2021

Importance Of Visual Brand Identity

With more and more startups emerging on the market, setting yourself apart from the competition can be a tedious task. Society has almost completely shifted to visual stimulation as a means of distinguishing content. And because there are so much companies out there, a company’s visual identity can be a deciding factor in attracting consumers. It increases originality even when your product has similar competition, adds a deciding factor to your marketing campaigns, and improves the image you reflect onto the global market. With so much potential and value, it is hard not to recognize the importance of visual brand identity.

What Is Visual Identity?

In front of every successful company stands a relatable brand image. By reflecting the company’s personality, it makes the first impression onto the consumer, shaping your clients perception of your business. It becomes the main devices that conveys the message of your company visually, and is an integral part of the way you conduct business.

Brand – Name, Slogan and Logo

Your brand’s image is defined by your company name, slogan and logo. Each symbol serves a specific purpose, but all three are connected, and relatable back to the company. The name is your company’s ID card, while it, and the company’s activities are explained by a catchy slogan that follows it. The main visual identity is the company logo. Following current trends in logo design, the logo needs to be minimalistic, yet agreeable with the overall theme. Ultimately, once you reach the balance between the three symbols, you will achieve the holy trinity of brand imaging.

Choosing Professional Design

Because visual identity holds such a high place within the world of business, quality and creative design needs to be an integral part of your company. There are two ways of achieving high quality design performance in business: an in-house design department, and hiring an outsourcing design company. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but will become an essential staff as the company expands, and the company’s visual identity becomes present in all business activities.

Uniforming the Company’s Visual ID

Since design holds such a major place in the way a company’s visual identity is reflected on to the market, it also needs to be uniformed across all business activities. This means that all material leaving the company, from e-mails, newsletters, official announcements, and promotional materials, must be branded. Not only does it need to have all the insignia (logo, company colors), but word formatting, attachments must fall under the official company design. This ensures the company will stand out, and mirror its message even in the smallest details.

World Wide Design

Online platforms are fast becoming a company’s biggest window into world’s largest consumer base, and need to look the part. A professionally designed website, with a company’s unique URL domain, and design that closely resembles the attitude of the brand is trying to relate, have a greater impact on the consumer. This is especially important if the site offers a service that has to do with the product the company is selling. User-friendliness is another major concern on online platforms, and website design must account for it. As for social media, there is little room for maneuverability, but in using the publishing options in the correct manner, and banner dimensions, a professionally maintained social media design can emulate a quality visual identity.

Quality Designed Promo Material

Promotional material is a valuable marketing tool, and can be a great way to attract new clients. Not only does professionally designed promotional clothing with your company’s brand relate a sense of belonging to the employees wearing it, but it can be a great way to reward loyal customers. When it transfers to other material such as key-chain rings, coffee mugs, notebooks, lap-top bags, can become another source of income. Still, the most powerful message remains a faithful employee proudly wearing your brand, attracting clients and other professionals to your cause.

In the end, a picture says a thousand words, while a brand and the visual identity relates your products and services to the planet. How well your company looks will attract business, making it a lucrative, worthwhile investment, and a major part of your company’s overall image.


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