Thursday, 23 May 2019

Steps Preparing Your Property For Bushfire Season


If your area is prone to bushfire, you need to prepare an advanced bushfire survival plan to save yourself and your loved ones. Bushfires are quite common in some areas of Australia during the summer month. Survival plan plays a major role to make sure the safety of your dream home, pets and livestock. Let’s check out how you can make sure the safety of your dream house.

What Prevention You Need To Emphasize Inside The Home 

First, you need to prepare a strategies bushfire survival plan for the home to keep your valuable belonging and loved ones safe from the blazing heat of summer.

  • Windows – Installing special safety windows into the home also lift up the security level of your home.
  • Appliances – You also need to make sure that power points are not overloaded. Make a habit of switch off appliances when you are not using them. It does not only save your energy but also help about preventing a fire spreading.
  • Open flames – To keep your home safe, make you sure that you are not leaving incense or candles unattended.
  • Deadlocks – Make sure that keys to locked doors are easily accessible by people of your house so that the chances of getting locked inside will get decreased.
  • Smoke alarms – This is a much-needed appliance to install. Every home must have one smoke alarm installed on each level to avoid the risk. And it should be tested regularly.

What To Keep In Mind Inside The Home

You may not believe that half of all house fires start in the kitchen and you need to take care of it. Make sure that you are not leaving a hot stove unattended every. And always do have a habit of double-checking all the kitchen appliances before leaving. Keep flammable items away from your kitchen area. Do have a fire blanket or suitable fire extinguisher in the kitchen since oil and fat based fire does not extinguish with water.

Preventions You Need To Emphasize Outside The Home

  • Keep Your House Gutter Free 

First, you need to clean leaves from gutters, roofs, and downpipes on regular basis. Do not accumulate tree lopping, grass clippings and other materials which can aid a fire to your property. Apart from it, your home should be designed in a way ensuring your garden hoses are long enough to use the perimeter boundary of the property. It is considered one of the best point about a bushfire survival plan.

  • Keep Your Home Free From Flammable Material 

Your backyard tidy and free should be from any flammable material. At the time of installing LPG cylinder around your house, you need to make sure that pressure relief valves must be outwards so that flame would not be directed towards the house. Do keep your flammable items away from home including paper, hanging, baskets, garden furniture, and wood piles and so on.

  • Mow Your Grass 

You need to mow your grass on regular basis in both yards be it front and back. This also mitigates the chances of fire.

  • Seal All Gaps 

Next step, you need to consider is sealing all gaps in the external roof and wall cladding to make sure the safety of your house. It will also be beneficial to install fine steel wire mesh screen all across to your vents, weep holes, doors, and windows. Apart from it, do try to fit metal fly screens on windows and doors. Make sure it should not be made up of plastic.

Following the above-mentioned points, you can make your home safe and secure to live in. This bushfire survival plan will keep you at peace as you do not have to contemplate more about it.

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