Wednesday, 5 Oct 2022

Tastiest Flavours of E Liquid This Summer

Ahhh summer! What does it remind you of? Warm sand between your toes? Turquoise waves lapping gently at the shore? The smell of fresh and fruity coconut? Well you may struggle with a few of these if you are in the UK, however you can bring a taste of the exotic home by vaping some of the tastiest flavours of e liquid instead. We asked the vaping experts from Silver Puffin to select their favourite e liquids for summer 2014.

Strawberry Bliss Flavoured E Liquid – Puffin Juice


Think of sitting in the sun at Wimbledon with a basket of sweet, sweet strawberries. This juicy e liquid will definitely hit the spot in the warm summer weather.

Apple Crisp Flavoured E Liquid – Puffin Juice


Crisp and juicy are the perfect summer combination. Think of walking through a blossoming orchard of ripening apples in some sunny European country.

Banana Flavoured E Liquid – Puffin Juice


There is nothing more tropical than the sweet taste of a banana. This one is a mix of the fruit and banana flavoured sweets to give the perfect taste bud sensation.

Lemon and Lime E Liquid – Puffin Juice


If you are looking for something a little more tangy then perhaps the lemon and lime e juice will tempt you. This classic combination is fruity and refreshing, perfect for those summer days.

Melon E Liquid – Puffin Juice


A favourite with the festival crowd. Melon is as pure as summer rain. Give this sweet flavour a go for a subtle tropical tang.

Passion Fruit E Liquid – Puffin Juice


Passion fruit is one the most unique tropical flavours around. We have created the perfect e liquid to match in this tasty ensemble.

Coconut Juice E Liquid – Puffin Juice


Kick back in your hammock and enjoy the tropical taste of fresh cocount milk with this fruity delight. This is tropical island bliss in a bottle.

Peach Nectar E Liquid – Puffin Juice


Stay peachy keen with our peach nectar puffin juice. This deliciously sweet one is like honeydew from the Gods.

Watermelon E Liquid – Puffin Juice


This tangy flavour of puffin juice is Caribbean market fresh, like a shot of pure sunshine, this eliquid will make your mouth water.

Cherry E Liquid – Puffin Juice


Lastly we have our bestselling cherry flavoured e liquid. This one hits all the right notes for those cherry lovers out there. It is somewhere between the fruit and sweet cherry pie. Delicious.

All the best e liquids from Silver Puffin are available in different strengths making it easier for vapers to cut down on their nicotine levels one step at a time. We also stock e liquids with tobacco tastes if you are not ready to let go of that cigarette feeling once and for all.  If you find a flavour that you really love we do great deals on triple packs for the best value online. If you want to see more then you can view all of the very best e liquid flavoursat their store.

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