Thursday, 20 Jun 2019

Top Ideas For Prom Look For Plus Sized Girl

The prom season is just around the corner and most teenage girls are already nervous about how they will pull off the best of them on the big night. Life after high school is full of challenges and stress that the real world rubs in your face. It only makes sense that you get to treat yourself with one evening where you get your chance to make the most amazing memories that will live with you for a lifetime. That being said, with all the fun and glory that proms are known for, it is one of the most glamourous evenings that you will attend in your life. Prom nights are your chance to walk like a red carpet queen and that is why many girls fret over their prom looks.

It is a common myth that slimmer girls do not have to worry about their looks because given their body frames they will look beautiful no matter how they dress. Unfortunately, such notions of beauty have been propagated aggressively during the past decades that had created uncalled for esteem issues among many girls. Thankfully, the fashion fraternity is now keen on breaking stereotypes and is embracing and acknowledging all kinds of body types. Regardless of what your body frame is, you can absolutely rock your prom look, if you know how to do it right.

Be Confident

Learn to be comfortable in your skin and respect yourself for the way you are. Beauty has little to do with your body frame. The real beauty comes from within yourself and what happens when your walk and talk oozes confidence. You will automatically attract people if your smile will be affirmative and confident and your personality will reflect that you take pride in yourself.

Adopt Healthy Lifestyle

To be honest, your dress, your body frame and everything else become secondary when you have skin and body that is healthy, lively, and fresh. Even if you have the most beautiful face, those open pores and dark circles under your eyes are enough to kill the look. All you need to do is to adopt a healthy lifestyle for you’re a healthy mind and body. This does not mean that you have to starve to death or spend hours doing cardio and strength training. Eat well but eat clean. Do a physical activity you like even if it is a Yoga session or taking a swim. Get yourself pampered at a spa every few weeks and sleep well.

Your Dress


The fashion industry today is no more about stick figures. There are prom dresses available for every kind of body. There are a number of stores today with a dedicated section of plus size prom dresses. Even if they do not explicitly mention that it is for plus sized, certain cuts and silhouettes work incredibly well for pear-shaped and plus size bodies. A-lines and flares are a great option if you choose something in Tulle or light chiffon. If you cannot find anything ready-made, you can always find a seamer and get yourself a customized one.

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