Wednesday, 27 Jan 2021

What To Consider When Buying A Home With An Acreage

Those who dream of having a horse, a couple of dogs running around and a beautiful, large garden often considering buying a home with an acreage. While many of the elements of purchasing a large piece of land are similar to owning a house on a smaller lot, there are some extra things to consider as well. If you have never lived on acreage, doing some research before taking the plunge is a good idea, as country living is a specific and unique lifestyle.

While not everyone loves living away from the convenience of town there are some definite benefits to living in the sticks. Peace and quiet and loads of privacy as well as room for as many animals as one would like. However, it is a big step if you have always lived in town and some may find it overwhelming if they are not educated in real estate before making the move. See some examples of Penticton acreage options, but be sure to keep a few of the things listed below in mind.

Making The Right Choice

Often people buy a country house with an acreage because they dream of having their own chunk of land and the idea of living the lifestyle outside of the city calls to them. However there are those who thrive in this environment and then there are others who find themselves selling and heading back to the city in a matter of years. Spend some time on an acreage before making the decision as it is a big change and making sure it is right for everyone in the family is smart.

Understand the Services

When living in a town or a city, residents are not responsible for getting their water, dealing with their sewage and their garbage is typically picked up at the curb. A home in the country does not always have these services so being aware of this is important. In some homes, owners need to take their own garbage to the dump or transfer station, get water from a well and deal with the reality of a septic system. When looking at a home ask about these kinds of services.

General Upkeep and Maintenance

As with any property there will be some repairs and maintenance that need to be done on a regular basis as well as others that are done less but still necessary. When living on an acreage there are a lot more things to occupy the time. Having a larger yard to tend to and keeping a garden takes a lot of grunt work. If there are any outbuildings or fences which are common on an acreage these will need to be taken care of as well. An acreage can keep owners very busy.

Animals and Their Needs

If part of the reason you are considering a home in the country is because of always wanting a handful of animals to call your very own there are some added considerations here. While having many pets running around or raising chickens for eggs is great be aware that animals take a lot of time and also often a considerable amount of money to keep as well. Also keep in mind taking off for the weekend is difficult with so many mouths to feed and animals needing daily care.

Amenities and Schools

When living out of town or the city on an acreage it is likely there are fewer options when it comes to schooling for any children so figuring out if there is a bus route nearby is also a good idea. Think about after-school activities and how far the closest grocery store is. Popping out for a coffee or running to the gym down the street definitely won’t be happening as most amenities will be a distance away. Of course there will be room to set up a home workout area instead.


Some people want to live on an acreage put prefer to be close to town. They will find some options however homes with property close to town or city limits are often much pricier. If one can afford the higher price tag this may be a good option for the best of both worlds. Some homes closer to town even have garbage pick up which is an added bonus. If you do not mind being further from an urban centre you should have lots of good options to choose from.

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