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Why You Should Pre-Plan Your Own Funeral

Dealing with death, especially your own or a loved one’s, is not easy. However, it is inevitable and eventually, all of us would have to plan for it. Funerals are expensive, especially if you are not well-prepared for it. There are ways to bring down the costs and if you are prepared, then you might just be able to plan for your own funeral properly.

Here, we will discuss why you should consider doing your own funeral planning in Roy:

It Will Take the Burden Off Your Family

Your death alone can be a huge stressor to your family, and having to deal with your unplanned funeral can cause a lot more chaos. Also, if you have not talked to them about your dying wishes, then they will be faced with difficult decisions such as having you buried or cremated. They also would not know if you want an open or closed casket, as well as how much to spend on your funeral exactly.

Pre-planning will make it easier for you and for them, as you would already have everything picked out yourself and paid for even before it happens.

You Would Assume Your Own Funeral Financial Responsibilities

You would not want to burden any of your family members when it comes to funeral expenses, which is why it would be wise to deal with your own as early as possible. Leaving a certain amount of money for your funeral might not be the best idea, as your loved ones might have a difficult time accessing it, especially if you die by accident.

The best thing to do is to get funeral insurance or trust so your loved ones can easily access it when you are gone.

Your Final Wishes Will be Followed

You would want to have a meaningful funeral for your family and friends to honor you properly. Pre-planning your own funeral is a must, especially if you have wishes that you would want to be followed once you pass away. 

If you want your remains to be cremated, then you can discuss that with your insurance agent. If you want an open or closed casket, you can also tell them what you prefer. The epitaph on your headstone can also be pre-planned, especially what you want something written on it. Whatever your wishes are, you can talk to your agent and make sure that everything is planned before anything happens.

You Would Not Have to Think About Anything Else

Worrying about your own funeral can be stressful, especially if you do not have anything sorted out yet. We truly never know what will happen tomorrow, and this is just the plain truth. Being prepared is a wise decision, especially when it comes to funeral plans and decisions. It is not only for your own sake, but it is also for your loved ones’ peace of mind, too.

They will surely appreciate you taking care of all of these, as this means that you care for them as much as you care for yourself.

Do your research and approach the right funeral parlor and agent that you know you would feel comfortable with. You’ll be dealing with sensitive matters with them, and it is important that you feel at ease when talking about all of these.


  1. Your article gives me a compelling reason to invest in a final expense life insurance. Thanks for posting this useful info.

  2. Being a senior having a final expense life insurance is a matter of pride. Even it will lower your family burden when they are emotionally weak. You will be happy to know that you can plan for this at the age of 70 as well.

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