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Complications That Could Prevent A Heart Transplant

Heart transplantation is a serious operation which aims to replace a damaged heart with a healthy well-functional heart. This operation is performed specifically for those people whose hearts can’t function anymore with any kind of medical treatment or medications. Although this operation is pretty effortful and serious the success rate is still quite higher. Medical science has reached the top level of success and an example of this is the discovery of heart transplantation procedures. Some children are born with a defective heart and such a defective heart gradually becomes inactive. In such cases, doctors have no way except to perform this heart transplant operation. But remember one thing some serious complications could be a barrier to this operation such as.


Sometimes age could become a serious barrier to this heart transplant process. Generally, a heart transplant is ideal for people who belong to the age group of 12-60. People who are above 65 sometimes can’t resist the fatigue caused by this operation. So it is highly recommended that you must visit a reputed London heart clinic and discuss your medical history with the heart specialists. They will assess your age and health conditions and then will decide whether you are an ideal candidate to perform this operation.

Refusal Of Donor’s Heart

Sometimes our body refuses to work with a transplanted heart. And this happens because our immunity system perceives this transplanted heart as an additional thing and tries to eliminate its functionality. If this happens then the patient experiences some particular symptoms. And in such cases changes in regular medications can work brilliant and save that newly transplanted heart from being rejected. So, one must go for regular heart check-ups after getting their heart transplantation done.

Chronic Illnesses

People with chronic illnesses like high blood pressure, and high blood sugar should get their conditions examined first and then go for the procedure. Sometimes these chronic illnesses create major health complications and in such conditions, doctors refuse to perform such serious operations on their bodies. So as a patient one has to visit a London heart clinic first, consult their complete history of chronic illnesses and then let the doctors decide the best option.

Conditions Of Your Kidney

A patient needs to take some particular medications for lifelong after getting this heart transplantation done. Such medications are known as immunosuppressants. These are prescribed to keep that newly transplanted heart-healthy and functional. But these medications could affect one’s kidney with direct or indirect effects. So if the patient’s kidney is already damaged then the doctor may refuse to perform this operation.

These are the most commonly seen complications that could prevent or delay one’s heart transplant. So get your conditions checked with the help of professional heart specialists and follow their instructions deliberately.

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