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What Are The Prominent Types Of Wax?

What sort of wax do you prefer to pick depends on different factors? There are many things to keep in mind such as personal preference, and what sort of candle you are making. What amount you want to spend and what about the fragrance also matter a lot. What about the prominent types of wax? Here, we are going to mention this in a detailed manner. Let’s check out more about it in a detailed manner.

Paraffin Wax

It is a highly inexpensive and widely used all-around candle brand. It would be better if you consult with Wax Suppliers regarding the amount they would be able to offer you. It can truly hold a lot of fragrance and shade indeed. It is truly available in different melt points making it ideal for making different sorts of candles including containers to pillars. It is not about the eco-friendly sort of candle since it is all about a byproduct of the oil industry.

Soy Wax

Here, it needs to mention that Soy wax is regarded as a mid-range wax following a slow burn lifting its incredible value. The wax is truly prepared using soya beans and therefore it is regarded as quite friendly in comparison to paraffin wax. It is a sort of byproduct of the soybean industry. Wax Suppliers can also help you to know more about it to understand if it would be better for your project or not.


Beeswax is regarded as the oldest form of candle wax. It is another eco-friendly option as it is derived from bees while having the honey-making process. The reason is that beeswax comes up with an ideal subtle naturally sweet aroma helping purify the air indeed. Beeswax is also regarded as a harder and highly solid wax that is generally used in blends regarding container candles or to make unscented pillars. We hope that you might now have much-needed clarity to go ahead.

Coconut Wax 

This ideal type of wax is truly harvested from coconuts and it is a high-yield and sustainable crop. The best thing is that Coconut wax is truly ideal in the context of this reason but also since it comes up with fragrance and shade too ideally. Moreover, it comes up with a clean burn which produces quite a little soot. The fact cannot be ignored that it is considered a highly expensive candle wax of the bunch.


While going to buy candles, you will truly see blends. Many brands amalgamate different waxes altogether to churn out a more eco-friendly option that is known for burning strong. It could be said that it is an ideal option in case you want to contribute to the environment along with having more benefits.


You may choose any of these types of wax easily for your project. What you need to do is pick the right wax so that you could have more benefits from your project.

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