Wednesday, 28 Feb 2024

How University Plays Critical Role In Economic And Social Growth In London

London already has highly developed economy and contribution of universities is always important. Universities can contribute towards social development and transformation. Universities can take a few measures through which economic prosperity can be retained by improvising the curriculum initially.

Social dynamics provoked by universities in London
There are plenty of courses run in university of London through which manpower resources will scatter in respective fields. Universities can define the objectives and agendas which are directly proportional with the fee structure. There are different roles played by varied universities in London on modernization projects. There are few examples where the London university role is autonomous and set firmly as per the control mechanism of the state plans. The universities must be distinguished on the basis which “accelerate”, “ignite” change and some universities which “block” change. There are some examples based on planned changes which lead to unintended consequences that arise from the university based events.

If the fee per course charged by the universities in London is reasonable then each person may turn to be highly educated a work for the nation first. This will improve the economics of the country as manpower will contribute to the growth, development in many sectors like industrial, mechanical and more.

Social change requires peculiar responsibility and London universities embark on objective oriented social transformation programs. These programs can be for global and regional welfare of the State. Universities frequently are considered as vital institution’s development and social change process. Most defining role is the allocation of skilled labor in which research outputs are perceived for certain economic needs. There are certain periods of significant changes in the universities which play a role to strengthen the fundamentals of the civil society. It helps in facilitating and encouraging cultural values which help in training social elites.

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