Saturday, 20 Aug 2022

Know The Carpet Types To Decorate The Home

The carpet quality and texture is said to be determined by its construction or how it is made, along with the finish that is applied to the pile or fiber tufts. The pile density is to be tested by bending back the carpet sample and pile side towards the person. That carpet is better which backs less.

Types of carpets

The reputed carpet suppliers in India do offer variety of carpets to select from. Some of the types are given below:

  • Woven carpets: The most expensive and strongest carpets traditionally are considered to be those which are woven on looms. Broadloom tends to refer to carpets that are more than 3ft wide. Fibers are woven to the backing for forming strong, dense pile. For broadloom carpets, two weave type are used commonly:
  • In the first type, the pile gets woven within the backing material, with U-shaped tuft row at a time. Wide varieties of colors are allowed by the weaving method for creating elaborate patterns, even though simple and plan designs are preferred. Pile is cut always, which can b shaggy and long or smooth and short.
  • In the other type, pile gets woven from that of continuous yarn, such that fibers get buried within the backing for making hardwearing, high density carpet. It can be found with loop, cut and cut & loop pile.
  • Bonded carpets: It is made through pile fiber bonding made to foam backing or woven, instead of being tufted through it. It offers smooth finish, however, is limited usually to plain colors.
  • Tufted carpets: Yarn gets inserted within the backing material, to be boned in place along with latex, only to be backed again using fabric or foam to provide extra strength in the modern tufted carpets. The tufted carpet loop can be either uncut or cut, or combination of loop and cut. They are more economical and quicker to be created when compared to woven carpets. Hence, they are of high quality and quite affordable on the pocket.
  • Carpet tiles: They are considered to be sealed edged carpet squares backed using rubber or PVC. It can be found in wide range of finishes and colors, from soft pile to heavy wear to be used in bathrooms and bedrooms. Being fitted from wall to wall, they are sure to gel carpet’s luxury with that of tiled floor’s practicality. The tiles not only could be laid more simply than the carpet as well as in attractive terms, however, also could be lifted separately again for cleaning purpose.


A good padding is an absolute must to have for prolonging the carpet’s life, to increase warmth and comfort and to offer sound insulation. The padding is used always beneath the carpet, unless foam backed. New padding is to be used with new carpet. There are various types available with the top carpet grass suppliers in India. It will be necessary to match the carpet type being laid with the padding.

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