Sunday, 10 Dec 2023

What Questions A Buyer Must Ask While Hiring An Estate Agent?


So finally your dream is going to turn into a reality. You are going to have your own house. Are you excited? Well of course you are. But don’t let this excitement distract you from some serious work. As we all know buying a property is a huge decision. It’s about your future investment too. And as you are investing a huge capital on this we want it to get counted right. As a buyer, you have lots of work to do. And doing all such work on your own could become highly stressful for you. Now you may ask if there are any ways to split these massive responsibilities. Well, actually you have a way. And it’s about hiring a professional estate agent. Here we want you to have the best agent hired at your service and this is why we have prepared a list of questions that you must ask an agent before giving any hiring commitment.

How Many Years You Have Been Working?This question aims to find out whether your selected agent has enough experience or not. Professional Shenfield estate agents are all highly experienced and provide the best quality service. Hiring such an experienced agent will make the rest proceedings easier and faster for you. So do not forget to ask your agent about the years they have been working in this industry.

Can You Convince The Seller To Negotiate The Price?As a buyer, you must have a budget fixed in your mind. But sometimes things go a bit differently than our plans. What if you select a property that is pretty expensive from your budget? Well, this is a very common situation and in such a situation, only a professional estate agent can save you. As they hold amazing convincing power so they can convince the seller to negotiate the price. So raise your query about this to your agent. It’s a totally valid question.

Will You Help Me With Legal Works?- As a buyer, you have to go through lots of different legal proceedings. Some procedures are actually very complicated and require you to sign numerous papers. In such cases, Shenfield estate agents can become your true saviour. They can assist you to complete each and every legal procedure correctly. Also, they check the authenticity of deeds in order to keep their clients safe from any kind of scams or legal hassles. So be clear about this from the beginning.

How Much Do You Charge For Your Service?- Every professional estate agent has special rates. And before you appoint them ask about their fees and then think whether it’s affordable for you or not. Also, ask them about whether they have any policy of returns or any additional charges.

We hope these above-listed questions will help you to hire the right person. All the best.

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